• Dominique Di Carmine

HOW TO YOGA: My New YouTube Channel!

Updated: Apr 21

I started it!! Some of you know that I've wanted to make yoga videos for quite some time. To help my clients, my friends and family, and anyone who stumbles across them.

Remember: I teach people to relax, or I do it for them...

So now I'm teaching online!

Ready to go?!

That's just the first video to get you started...lots more to come, so be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

I'll be teaching yoga to help with physical pain and alignment, emotional stress (and alignment), and spiritual growth (...and alignment)...

Did I mention alignment? 'Cause that's what yoga's for!!!

On HOW TO YOGA, I aim to simplify things. I offer shorter videos to explain one, mayyybe two, poses at a time. I break down the alignments so you can safely and confidently navigate through them. You can find what you need and practice at your own pace, at your own level. Full length classes will also be offered so you can practice your flow, which is another essential part of yoga.

Why learn one pose at a time?

Trust me... zoning in on the physical alignment of just one pose can sometimes show us EXACTLY where we're "imbalanced" and therefore what we need to work on---a GOOD thing, but it can be a real wake up call for sure!

But here are some other reasons:

Maybe you're completely new to yoga and are not used to moving your body "like that" or you're "not flexible" so you're apprehensive to even try...

Maybe you just want to know what the HECK Adho Mukha Svanasana is (downward facing dog by the way), learn to do it right, and know what to do the next time it's called out in a class!

Or... maybe one pose is all you can muster up enough energy for. That can be your yoga for the day... If you're anything like me, you get lazy and don't feel like doing anything. YUP. I know. But the more time goes by that we don't move our body, the worse it gets, yeah? So better to just move it.

TO START YOU OFF, I have posted the SUN SALUTATIONS I learned in my yoga teacher training:

Sun salutations (or Surya Namaskara) are a specific flow of postures that benefit the whole body-mind complex. Simply put: they're good for ya! (I'll make another post with more details...)


You can practice your sun salutations with the link above, practice them again, then join me LIVE every Sunday on Facebook for Sunrise Sundays! Like my Facebook page to follow along:

Every Sunday morning on Facebook, usually at 10:30am EST, I post my sun salutations LIVE, ending in time to participate in a global meditation (that takes place 3 times a day also every Sunday). You can learn more about that meditation here:

Whatever your reason for wanting to do yoga (or not wanting to do yoga), I hope what I share on my channel, HOW TO YOGA, helps you out!

Until next time...Namaste, my friends.

~Dominique ;)