Why meta?

In Greek, meta means beyond.  More than.  I offer an array of mind-body connection therapies including therapeutic massage, reiki, energy work, yoga, and hypnotherapy to address needs beyond just your physical being.


When our bodies are assisted into deep relaxation, our minds are assisted into the deeper states of alpha and theta waves where we can relieve mental stress that may be disrupting our system.  I work to provide physical relief from muscular tension along with relief from the stresses of your mind at the same time, every time.



meet the practitioner

Dominique Di Carmine

Hi!  I'm Dominique.  I opened Meta Massage to offer you the self-care we all need.  Massage is my "go-to" when I'm feeling tense, overwhlemed, or even just BORED.  So I appreciate a great massage right when I need it!

I love getting massages.  In my professional opinion, massage should be--above all else--relaxing.  Whether you're just getting a massage as a special treatment or you need it for pain relief, I bet you still want it to feel good...


  I work attentively and intuitively to ensure you're getting the best massage I have to offer: relaxing, therapeutic, and effective.

When I'm not serving my clients, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, being out in nature, riding motorcycles, dancing, singing, laughing my ass off somewhere...

and getting massages.  :)

Pleasure to meet you!

Dominique Di Carmine

Licensed Massage Therapist

Hatha Yoga Instructor

Massage Therapist Coach

Reiki Master Practitioner